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Finding the Volume of a Storage Bin A fairly common shape for a dry- solids storage bin is a cylindrical silo with a conical collecting section at the base where the product is removed (see figure below). To calculate the volume of the contents you use the formula for a cone, as long as the height of the product, h , is less than or equal to the height of the conical section, h cone . h r V h 2 3 1 π = if h h cone and r h is the radius at height h : θ tan h r h = if r h R . If the height of the stored product is greater than the height of the conical section, the
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Unformatted text preview: equation for a cylinder must be added to the volume of the cone: ( 29 cone cone h h R h R V-+ = 2 2 3 1 if h > h cone . If the height of the conical section is 3.0 m, the radius of the cylindrical section is 2.0 m, and the total height of the storage bin is 10.0 m, what is the maximum volume of material that can be stored?...
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