Lab 9 Conclusion Sulfanilamide Synthesis

Lab 9 Conclusion Sulfanilamide Synthesis - Sulfanilamide...

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Sulfanilamide Conclusion In this lab, we utilized a three-step synthesis beginning with aniline involving protection, chlorosulfonation, aminolysis, and hydrolysis to attempt to produce sulfanilamide, which was unfortunately obtained in a rather low 1.91% yield. The theoretical yield was 0.00252 mol of the sulfanilamide solid crystal product, or 0.4339 g. Due to the small and very few cream-brownish crystals that I obtained, my product’s experimental yield was 0.0083 g, providing a 1.91% yield. One immediate source of error is that I dropped some of my crystals when transferring the crystals from the filter paper to the weighing paper. I need to be careful in transferring product. However, more error derives from my very small crystals. Because my crystals were so small, the mass per crystal is less, decreasing the overall yield. Furthermore, the smaller crystals slipped into the filtration flask through the filter paper during filtration, and a lot of product was lost this way. I need to better in the recrystallization process, and I could start with having a less porous filter paper so that more crystals stick. To also improve recrystallization, I could recrystallize slower, letting products slowly reach the appropriate temperature and allow for reactions to occur completely. There may be a substance better than water to filter our product with. We expect a yield of around 30-50% for this reaction based on literature; the reaction won’t necessarily produce a high yield because it has several steps, and thus more room for error. If not all the groups were protected, or not every molecule reacted properly at each step, there could be less proper product. Lastly, there may have been reagent loss in the steaming chlorosulfonic acid, which could have converted to
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Lab 9 Conclusion Sulfanilamide Synthesis - Sulfanilamide...

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