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exam1 study guide - BIO 148-002 Exam 1 Exam format: 50...

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BIO 148-002 Exam 1 Exam format: 50 multiple choice questions worth 2 points each Must stay for first 45 minutes of class Bring student ID and pencil No cellphones Material covered: Chapter 1 (all but Pasteur’s experiment on pg 3) Chapter 4 (all EXCEPT “RNA can function as a Catalytic Molecule and section 4.4) Chapter 14 (all) Chapter 15 (all fair game except section 15.1 and “Exceptions to the Central Dogma” and “Chromosome-Level Mutations” sections) Chapter 16 (all) Chapter 3 ( 3.2-3.4 *) You do not need to know all the amino acid side chains! Chapter 2 (only to understand the definitions of bond types and chemical reactions; no specific questions on exam) Study materials: Your notes The book (may be helpful to review your notes and the book at the same time) Mastering Biology – assignments (rework) and study area (practice questions, animations, etc) Links found in documents on Blackboard Practice questions found in documents on Blackboard on at the end of book chapters Fundamental learning goals: o List the fundamental characteristics of living organisms and discuss the principles that unify living organisms. -Response to stimuli (response to environment), made up of cells (cell theory), use DNA to store genetic information (evolution, change in genetic composition of a population over time), use ribosomes to synthesize proteins, proteins are made up of amino acid monomers, use DNA to code for the amino acid sequence of proteins. o Discuss the various factors involved in natural selection as a mechanism of evolution. Individuals with traits suited to the environment are more likely to survive and reproduce first leading to a change in genetics over time (evolution). Fitness are traits that allow a species in a pop to survive and reproduce. Traits must be heritable. Acts on individuals but evolution occurs in populations. o
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exam1 study guide - BIO 148-002 Exam 1 Exam format: 50...

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