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Acc 310 Case#2 (1.C)

Acc 310 Case#2 (1.C) - After comparing Big Tuna Cleaners...

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After comparing Big Tuna Cleaners with a similar franchise know as Sonic Drive-In, there were some obvious differences within the two companies. Even thought BTC and Sonic Drive-in are two different types of companies in various industries, these companies are both franchises and should have some similarities. As reviewing the companies financial sheets it became evident to me that BTC was subject financial troubles ahead. Not only did I find debt issues but I also found collectability issues and evident cash problems. Sonic Drive-In is a nationwide company with many franchises and plenty of revenues and expenses while Big Tuna Cleaners is a small town dry cleaner shop with scare amount of franchises and scare amount of money available. While taking this information into consideration I did not dwell on the quantitative facts but more of the qualitative information. One of the things that were very evident to me after studying financial statements of these franchises was that BTC did not have an abundant amount of cash in the bank. This company
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