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Essay 1 Final - Roels Corinne Roels September 17, 2009...

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Roels Corinne Roels September 17, 2009 Rhetorical Analysis Essay English 105 MWF 9:40 Paulette Zillmer Tim Wise a Wise-Guy? The Rhetoric behind an Anti-Racial Argument Tim Wise utilizes many rhetorical strategies in his argumentative work, “It’s Racism, Stupid; Bias, Not Affirmative Action, Stigmatizes People of Color.” In his essay, Wise identifies the fault behind people’s belief that affirmative action gives blacks and other people of color an unfair advantage in the workplace and in postsecondary education. Wise’s rhetorical skill attempts to persuade the reader into understanding his thesis through effectively using the hallmarks of rhetoric; logos , ethos, pathos, and kairos. Wise, an educator and anti-racist writer, introduces his argument by suggesting that the debate over affirmative action is an “argument [that] gets made with such regularity that no matter how silly [it may appear after awhile], it nonetheless requires an answer [every time]. Indeed the more often it gets made, the more often it calls for rebuttal, since its repetition indicates someone just isn’t getting it” (661). Wise encourages the audience’s involvement in his argument with his use of logos; the act of examining arguments with facts and reasons, or the line of reasoning behind an argument. An author can use either facts or opinions to convey their point, depending on which they perceive to be most effective in persuading their audience. In the case of Tim Wise, he presents his logos through facts as well as highly opinionated statements. For example, he states that “white men still get 93% of all government contract dollars, over 90% of top jobs and 85% of tenured professorships” to support his claim that the preferential treatment that affirmative action is said to bring does not make a dent in the high amount of white male domination in the workforce (661). His line of reasoning is reinforced through his use of facts to back up his assertions. He also uses the art of logic by expressing opinions;
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Roels he makes inferences based on the facts that he does know and uses powerful language to reinforce the impact of his statements. For instance, when calling attention to the idea that some people believe black people would be better off had affirmative action never been
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Essay 1 Final - Roels Corinne Roels September 17, 2009...

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