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Essay 2 Final - Corinne Roels October 16, 2009 English 105;...

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Corinne Roels October 16, 2009 English 105; Paulette Zillmer Paper 2 Final Draft Anabolic Steroids: An Athlete’s Dirty Little Secret Ben Johnson, a famous track and field star, was not the only athlete using steroids while competing in the Olympics; however, his story became one of the most famous scandals in Olympic history. Over the span of his athletic career, “he emerged as the world’s fastest man” winning several bronze, silver and gold medals in various athletic competitions across the world (Pampel 18). Early in his career, Johnson claimed victory over his rival Carl Lewis during the 100-meter dash and set a new world record. Still celebrating his gold medal win, an analysis of his pre-race urine samples was released, disclosing evidence of stanozolol, an oral anabolic steroid created to replicate testosterone. With uncontestable evidence suggesting his unfair advantage, Johnson’s actions led to the revocation of his Olympic medal. Stripped of his victory and world record, with nothing left but a tarnished reputation, Johnson’s story exhibits one of the many repercussions associated with steroid usage. These consequences have become more serious since steroids have become more prominent; and officials are now seeking to protect the integrity of track and field sports and eliminate the fraudulent actions of competitors. Even with growing awareness of steroid use in sports, protecting a moral and ethical reputation of the Olympic Games poses more of a challenge than many may anticipate in a world where steroids have become so intertwined with the sports culture. The use of such prohibited substances grants an unfair advantage to those daring enough to risk the effects of potential consequences occurring when found with performance- enhancing drugs in their system. However desirable the results may be, the repercussions of becoming banned from sports, as well as the health risks associated with steroid use, far
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outweigh the potential gain in any competitive event. Steroids are clearly inappropriate in sporting events because of the unfair advantage that competitors gain over other athletes and therefore in order to assure that not only the integrity of the sport is upheld, strong stances against steroids must be imposed. In order to protect the ethics and integrity of the sport, sports officials must further enforce drug testing regulations and teachers must educate the youth in order to deter young athletes from finding the appeal in such substance abuse. The only way to combat the widespread influence of steroids is to continue
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Essay 2 Final - Corinne Roels October 16, 2009 English 105;...

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