Lab 8; Biology Report

Lab 8; Biology Report - Corinne Roels March 22, 2010 BIO...

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Corinne Roels March 22, 2010 BIO 187 Monday 2:00 Lab Rebecca Clark Biology Report Higher Elevation on a Steep Landscape Provides Greater Plant Diversity Introduction When examining a landscape with a variety of elevations, it can be identified that the types of vegetation that grow at those different elevations can vary depending on their location. In several experiments, including those of Paul Rogers and colleagues, as well as Akira Itoh and his colleagues, the difference between the diversity of plant life has been documented in both Utah and Borean Forests respectively. The noted in both of their studies the amount of vegetation at each of the elevations, but also the diversity of the plant life as the landscape became higher and higher above sea level. On Tempe Butte (or “A Mountain”), we also identified that the top of the butte seemed to have more color and life than the bottom, so we identified that perhaps the plant life became more diverse at higher elevations. From this observation, we identified a question to answer with our to-be-gathered data; how does elevation affect plant diversity? We hypothesized that, at higher elevations, there would be more plant diversity because of the lessened amount of herbivores to consume the plants (they are more numerous at the bottom of the mountain), as well as the lessened amount of pollution, as the lower elevation plants are closer to the road where there is consistent traffic flow. We did predict that our hypothesis was going to be pretty accurate
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Lab 8; Biology Report - Corinne Roels March 22, 2010 BIO...

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