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2007 FRQ Q 3 - Adrian Gil 2007 Free-Response Question#3 A...

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Adrian Gil 1/2/2011 2007 Free-Response Question #3 A) The main conflict between congress and the president when deciding to go to war is that the president has power over the troops and what they do as Commander in Chief, but congress is the only one with the power to declare war. B) 1. A provision of the War Powers Resolution is that troops can only stay for 60 days in a territory that our country is not at war with and then must be withdrawn if congress does not issue an extension or declare war. 2. Another provision is that the president must consult with congress if possible before sending his troops over to make sure they are okay with it. 3. The president must notify congress within 48 hours of sending his troops over to a foreign country. 4. Whenever congress wants it can pass a concurrent resolution to take the U.S. out of any foreign hostilities. C) 1. Congress has the power to control the funding that goes to the military. This gives
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