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Defense Space and Science/Technolo gy Transportatio n and public woks Economic subsidies and social services Health research Education Department of Defense- 663.7 Department of Commerce-13.8 Department of the Interior-12 Department of Agriculture- 26.0 Departmen t of Health and Human Services- 76.8 Departmen t of Education- 46.7 Department of Homeland security- 42.7 Department of Energy-26.3 Department of Transportation 72.5 Department of housing and urban development- 47.5 Department
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Unformatted text preview: of Justice-26.5 National Aeronautics and Space Administration 18.7 Corps of Engineers -- Civil Works 5.1 Department of Labor- 13.3 Department of State and Other International Programs 51.7 National Science Foundation 7.0 Environmental Protection Agency 10.5 Department of the Treasury 13.3 Department of Veterans Affairs 55.9 Small Business Administratio n 0.7 Social Security Administratio n 11.6 Corporation for National and Community Service 1.1...
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