Admin is running out of excuses

Admin is running out of excuses - cost there could be a...

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Admin is running out of excuses By Adrian Gil After working hard for seven years and enduring the academic rigor at The Preuss School UCSD, the graduating class of 2011 is told that they will not have the opportunity to celebrate grad night in Disneyland. Many times the seniors have tried to reason with administration, yet they have failed to reach success. The main reasons that admin gives to why we cannot have a grad night in Disneyland are that the busses would be too costly, the amount of absences on the Friday after will hurt the school, and that there is simply a liability issue. All of which are reasons that the seniors have found solutions to. Administration claims that the cost of the buses would be too costly but the class of 2011 has done plenty of fundraisers and can do more to try and raise money for the cause. This means that admin does not have to worry about renting out the buses from their own pocket. Also, in case that not enough money is raised to cover the full
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Unformatted text preview: cost, there could be a small fee to be able to go to grad night with nice buses. (state cost of the bus). Therefore, this problem could be taken care of with the budget given to the seniors by the PTA and fundraising. Another problem that administration brings up is the fact that in the past, seniors were excused the Friday after grad night. With the great amount of absences the money that the school brings in is cut down by a lot since schools get paid for the amount of students that show up. While this claim does bring up a good point, it is incredibly easy to fix. All of the seniors that I have spoken with say that they will have no problem coming to school on the day after grad night. It will simply be like any other day at Preuss where they were forced to stay up the night before putting together their history notebook or studying for the upcoming test....
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