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Administration needs to chill out

Administration needs to chill out - now comes the question...

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Administration needs to chill out By Adrian Gil It has recently come to my attention that administration is trying to rule this school with an iron fist. There comes a time where it is no longer considered avoiding unnecessary risks and it turns into simply saying no because they can. The most recent event that has made me realize this was our Airband. Anyone from the general crowd at airband will be shocked if you tell them that some of the performers are being threatened with the taking away of their senior privileges, and those who were not seniors will be banned from next year’s airband. It got to the point that administration is even considering banning airband as a whole next year. So
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Unformatted text preview: now comes the question of why is this happening and to who? The band “In too deep” has been told that they might get their senior dinner taken away, and Max Garcia the sophomore in the group is one of the two people that will be banned from next year’s airband. The cause of this is that the band actually sung an extra song when they were up there that they did not include during rehearsals. Also, Sarah Tanori is banned from next year’s airband. Again it is confusing to figure out why since at first look it seems that Sarah did nothing wrong. She too sung a song that she did not sing during rehearsels. It is understood that...
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