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Adrian RTP - Genetically Engineered By Adrian Gil A new...

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Genetically Engineered By: Adrian Gil A new phenomenon has hit a northern Colorado farm. Farmer Chris Jessen is taking care of what are known to be panda cows. Jessen runs a farm where he raises miniature animals and here he will raise a genetically engineered cow that was made to have the colors of a panda. While some people may say this is unethical and morally wrong, I disagree. I think that by genetically modifying animals we are doing no harm. Instead we are creating a new type of animal that in the panda cow’s case will grow up to be a nice sort of pet. I also think that by practicing this form of engineering it will lead to better skill and understanding that could end up allowing for more pets similar to the panda cow to be made, uncovering the solution to fixing diseases in humans before they are born, and giving us the ability to customize our children. The panda cow is a nice and cuddly looking companion. It can bring joy to whichever kid is lucky enough to have their parents buy them one. Therefore, it would not be a bad idea to repeat the process with other kinds of
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