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Unformatted text preview: Summary Contd. Frieda and Claudia think that Frieda was ruined because they are unsure of the meaning and think that it will make Frieda fat so they look for Pecola to give them whiskey. The girls are told Pecola is helping her mom on the other side of town so they go there in search for her. The mom doesn’t mind she just tells Pecola to finish the laundry then go with them A little white girl is calling for Pecola’s mom when Pecola drops a berry cobbler. Pecola’s mom beats her and then sends her away. Significance The way that Frieda and Claudia believe that Frieda might be ruined and think that it will make her fat shows how unknown the sexual world is to them. However, Frieda has now been pushed into it by Henry’s actions and at first she was confused about it, but she became angry when she saw her parents react. When Pecola spills the berry cobbler and her mom goes and hits her instead of telling her that it is okay but then goes to consolidate the little white girl and gets her to stop crying shows how...
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