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Adrian Gil 1/7/2011 The End of the Novel The end of The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison was a complete shock to me. I couldn’t believe that Pecola had gone completely insane. This whole novel is full of pain and suffering so I guess I should have expected for it to end the exact same way, but I was more or less hoping for a happy ending. It is incredibly sad to see that such a young girl was put through so much torment that it was able to drive her into insanity. I was worried when I read the part where Pecola looks into the sun and says she can easily do it with absolutely no pain. As I read that I thought she was not only going to end up with mental issues but blind as well. Luckily her imaginary friend got her to stop staring into the sun. It also surprised me how now that Pecola believed she had blue eyes she automatically thought everyone was jealous of her. She even made her own imaginary friend say that she was jealous of the blue eyes and convinced herself that she was not allowed back at school because the people there were jealous that her eyes were
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