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Dear Ms (2) - June 6 2011 Dear Ms Boquerin Thank you so...

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June 6, 2011 Dear Ms. Boquerin, Thank you so much for letting me volunteer in your classroom and help out the littleuns. I had a lot of fun observing what goes on in the freshmen classrooms and conversing with you about the difference in all the classes. Checking the quizzes was always fun since we were able to see a little bit into how the students thought. However, the most fun was definitely interacting with the kids and taking them outside to work with them on a more one on one setting. I learned a lot through these experiences. A lot of kids just cannot seem to stay on task. They are just as smart as everyone else but they get off track and end up getting less work done. It was nice to see how much work they could get done when they had me there repeatedly telling them to do their work. One specific student that I really enjoyed working with was Marquis. While I do admit that I was not able to figure him out, I feel that if I had a little bit more time and worked with him much more I would eventually be able to crack him. I had to try really hard not to laugh at the
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