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Fabadriana2 - for something you did and sorry if the way i...

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Monkey Boy MX1 (11:48:56 PM): u know u were slowly regainin all mu trust Monkey Boy MX1 (12:13:41 AM): nd i have to admit u pretty much had it all back... u were still on thin ice but u had it all back. I thought that maybe u rlly had changed and even as we were out there i wasnt lying when i said i didnt know why i was sad. it wasnt till i told michael i felt rlly sad and he started digging to find out why that the truth came out that i was sad cuz of how invisible i felt around you two today. like it was so invisible that it hurt. y cuando te trato de decir u keep denying it when even bruce admitted to doing it. u say that im being stupid and that if things dont go the way i want em for a day that i get super mad. well thanks for insulting me
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Unformatted text preview: for something you did. and sorry if the way i want things includes me not being ignored. but it does. and if u cant seem to accept that. well then i'm 100% serious when i say that i am done with all the bullshit. i dont want ur hugs , i dont want ur bracelett, i dont want ur lies, and i dont want your friendship. uve fucked me over one too many times. All the shit ive ever given u including that stupid cd. u might as well just fucking burn it all cuz it doesnt mean anything anymore. You cant say i didnt fucken try. cuz i did give you so many chances. i was even down to keep discussing it tonight and if you really cared about my friendship you would have found a way. but u didnt. i fucken hate you and dont ever try to talk to me again....
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