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Financial Planning Interview

Financial Planning Interview - Adrian Gil Financial...

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Adrian Gil Financial Planning Interview Interviewee: Mom (forties) Bio: My mom has been working ever since she was five years young. After the untimely death of her father on her fifth birthday, she was forced to go into working in order to help support the family and keep food on the table. She had to balance work, school, and household chores all at the same time. When she finished middle school she was completely taken out of school and focused directly into working. She eventually married my dad and moved to California where she took care of my brother instead of getting a job. When he eventually started school I was born and she then focused her time into taking care of me. She volunteered often at the school my brother went to and continued to volunteer when I began to attend. She later was offered a job and since then has been working for San Diego Unified School District. 1. How have your financial needs changed throughout your life? Ever since I was five years old I have been working in order to be able to survive and have food to eat at home. It has been the same story my entire life. I work to get my family ahead. Throughout the years however the jobs and the pay have been getting a little better. Our needs changed from having to rent a one room apartment to having to pay off the monthly mortgage of the house we live in. Then especially now, there are even more needs since you (Adrian) started driving and now you and your brother are in college and not everything is covered so there’s money there that is needed to be paid off. 2. What events in your life do you believe have had the greatest impact on your financial plan? And How did these events specifically affect your financial plan?
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