FINIDH - 1.What is the purpose of education In the simplest...

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1.What is the purpose of education? In the simplest of interpretations education is merely the process from which we as humans acquire knowledge. However, its true purpose serves much more than simply showing us how multiply two by two, take de derivate of a function or analyze the deeper meaning of Shakespeare’s “To be or not to be.” Education is what gives you us the option of success. It is what allows those who cho o se to take advantage of it to make the changes they desire to see in their lives. Through education is how we learn how to formulate questions and seek out their answers. Education s purpose is not to simply provide the individual with facts , but rather to challenge and inspire those who seek to achieve their goals. Without an education acquiring the necessary critical and analytical thinking skills to perform to the fullest of our potential would be nearly impossible. However, education itself cannot guarantee success. Success is up to the individual and their choices on the way in which they are going to apply and exercise the knowledge that they have accumulated over the years. The only thing that education can guarantee is the equal opportunity to change. Having an d education can help change the life of anyone and everyone. So far , the education that I have received has taught me how to think and develop skills that will only continue benefitting me in
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FINIDH - 1.What is the purpose of education In the simplest...

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