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Adrian Gil QuestBridge Finalist 1/3/2011 First You Must Find X One of the most valuable things one can find is “x.” Some people may go through their whole life and never find “x.” Others seem to have a natural talent to be able to locate it right away. Many questions rise when one tries to find “x.” People may want to know where to look for “x” or what the benefits of finding “x” are. However, the question that people should be asking is: what is “x?” Some might say “x” is fame and glory. Others will disagree and say “x” is success and money. These people are both wrong. To find “x” is to find one’s self. Reaching glory and riches is still a valid goal, but both of these will have little meaning to them if one has not found themselves first. When one finds themselves if brings them confidence, happiness, and clarity which will overall help them lead a better life. Finding “x” will allow for one to have more confidence. Being able to know one’s self
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