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Adrian Gil FRQ 1. a. One way in which the media has contributed into a candidate centered campaign is by writing articles about the candidate’s character. By doing this, the public begins to focus a lot more on the candidate itself, rather than the policies or what the party as a whole believes in. This can easily be seen in the Presidential election of 2008. During the beginning of the race, a lot of voters who disagreed with the policies of McCain actually supported him. When the media realized this they started to attack McCain. “Exit polls from recent primaries have revealed that Sen. ‘bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb Iran’ McCain somehow managed to carry a substantial number of anti-war votes.” Granted the media here is including the policy but they are attacking McCain’s integrity since he is switching his mind on things. The author of this article concludes the article by saying, “So it’s worth asking: Do we really want to give the bully pulpit to a man who already has a cult of personality?” He clearly is focusing on attacking McCain.
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