Girls aren't that scary

Girls aren't that scary - Adrian Gil Ms. Gabay AP English...

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Ms. Gabay AP English Literature January 18, 2011 Girls are not that Scary Growing up, I always encountered trouble talking to girls that I liked. By the end of seventh grade I had dated two girls, both of which dumped me because I was too scared to talk to them in person. When I was around them, my mind would go blank and words refused to come out of my mouth. To me, girls were untouchable beings. Many times I ran away from them trying to hug me. It was not that I did not like a warm friendly hug, I simply found it wrong. It would make me feel like I was breaking some sort of rule. However, this all changed in eighth grade. After an experience on the bus with the girl I longed for, I stopped freezing up when I was around girls, I became more confident about myself, and I realized that girls are not these higher beings I was making them out to be. I had been sitting in the bus with Lily on the way home after a long day at school. As we are sitting there neither one of us says a word to each other. The silence begins to bother me and so I stare out the window and watch as cars pass by on the freeway. Suddenly I feel a tap on my shoulder. Lily has broken the silence. She looks at me and tells me that she is tired and really wants to go to sleep. I stare back with confusion. I do not understand why she needs to tell me this. “Okay,” is the only word that comes out of my mouth.
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Girls aren't that scary - Adrian Gil Ms. Gabay AP English...

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