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Part of the reason that I really want to explore this subject and pursue this career is because I have a friend who I am really close with that has been in the emergency room because of drug consumption. He was hanging out with a new group of friends and in the night I got a phone call that he was uncontrollable. I picked him up with my parent and we rushed him to the hospital. It turned out that he had overdosed and if we had not gotten him to the hospital he probably would not have made it through the night. This experience helped strengthen my interest in this field of study and has reassured me that this is what I want to study, and that toxicology is a career that I
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Unformatted text preview: want to follow. I am not entirely sure how I will pay for my college education and for Medical School after that, but I plan to apply to many scholarships like this one and have applied to the FAFSA so that I can get as much help as possible from the government. However, I realize that if I can’t get enough money together I might have to take out loans or find a job to get the money to pay for school. I have accepted this and am willing to put in the work to get the college education and medical school education that I want....
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