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latino floor - attitude and am always ready to try new...

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I feel that living in the Latino floors will make it easier for me to transition into a school that is predominantly white. I will be surrounded by people that I will be able to relate with and will most likely share similar interests with. I also feel that it will let me dive in further into my Latino culture and let me discover more about myself and help shape who I will become. What I have to contribute to this floor is my own Mexican culture. I also have an extremely positive
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Unformatted text preview: attitude and am always ready to try new things. I am incredibly open to new ideas and feel that I can be a great asset to the floor. I love to participate in whatever events are going on and have a very pacifist attitude. And to add on, I am pretty good at math and love helping my peers out when they are struggling. Hopefully I will be living on the Latino floor come this fall....
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