learning gates - Adrian Gil 919111465 Essay Number Seven...

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Adrian Gil 919111465 Essay Number Seven Several times I have been in situations where I learned a lot outside of school. I spent both of my previous summers and the beginning of my senior year in an internship. The three internships were very different from each other and allowed for me to learn about things that I would have never learned from a regular class in school. The internships I took part in are the Continuing Umbrella of Research Experience (CURE) program, Health Information Partners (HIP), and an internship at the UCSD Cognitive Science and Engineering Lab. CURE was my very first internship and it involved conducting research inside a UCSD lab. The goal of our lab was to find a way to study Phosphofructokinase-1(PFK-1) by itself and find a way to inhibit it so that it will stop reproducing cells and the spread of cancer. Most of our lab work focused on simply isolating the PFK-1 without killing it. In this lab I was able to work with expensive equipment like a centrifuge and a spectrophotometer. I learned how the machines worked and what they did. I learned about cancer and how it spread throughout the body and why inhibiting PFK-1 might be able to stop this from happening. I also extensively learned about
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learning gates - Adrian Gil 919111465 Essay Number Seven...

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