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Looking through the Window-Williams - I wanted to pursue as...

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Adrian Gil 1/1/2011 Looking through the Window I stand up on a cold winter day to look through the window, only I do not see what I expected to see. It is as if I am looking back in time. I see a warm summer night. I am outside with a couple of friends kicking around a soccer ball. The girls sit at a table and watch us play. They are tired after a long day at the hospital. We are all part of a summer internship where we spend a good half of the day at a hospital learning about different health care careers. It is halfway through the second week and by now we are all practically family. I suddenly realize that as I look through this window, I am also looking into the future. This internship was as close to college as I have ever been. I not only learned, but it gave me direction and let me know what
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Unformatted text preview: I wanted to pursue as a career. However, while I was being educated, I was also having fun. I was developing close bonds with the people around me. This window was showing me what I wanted come this fall. I want to be able to go to a college where I know I will be getting a good education, but I will be able to make strong bonds with the people around me. After reading about Williams and how it is a small school, I feel that this college will let me do just that. The three weeks I spent at that internship were some of the best weeks of my life, and I only hope to be able to say the same about Williams....
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