love u - ADRIANA I LOVE YOU!!!!!! Me: me U: u **: What...

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Unformatted text preview: ADRIANA I LOVE YOU!!!!!! Me: me U: u **: What I’m thinking as I read do this “…”: When in between lines it means I jumped in the message Side note: every line separates the messages, I didn’t correct any of the spelling… thought it would be more… natural that way Me: problems..... not that i can think of... but i probably do and if i keep ignoring them theyr going to catch up to me. @(>_<)@ U: hahah yeah ur right....that happened to me they came....and bit me in da BOOTY!!!!!!!! Lol Me: well u cant blame them they had a big target...=D U: i dunno life has been im REALLY getting to kno people and u kno...sometimes its good sometimes its bad...but knowing u is ALL good!!!! ME: well this is gonna seem kinda random but i just really wanted to say thx cuz uve been such an awsome friends. Il always know that ill have someone that cares about me with u around. so i just wanted to ask u if uve heard the song on my profile becuz every time i listen to it it reminds me of u and that time i felt like i didnt kare if death kame along and just decided to take me. ME: wuts kookin godd lookin, hehe jk wuts up?? :P ^_^ @(._.)@ U: hahahhhahahahha i lub u and ur "pick up" lines nothing much wat about u Me: bored ass hell. finishing up my slve book too. anyways i still got the letter. ill give it to u 2morrow. but its nothing importnat im just saying hi. its not even personal. U: SOOOOO I DONT CARE I JUST FEEL SPACIAL THAT I TOOK THE TIME TO WRITE TO ME!!!! =) yeah im gonna do math Me: movies, saturday, chuck and larry, call me, love u, sexy …. Me: its aight. :D i still luv u sexy U: thanks sexy i luv u 2 U: omfk i had a 'SERIOUS" talk with miss kelber about my "FLIRTING" ahahahhah funny ass shit Me: hehe really??? wut did she say?? U: ahhah that she new that i was avery prtty gurl but i was gonna have to learn how to contrill oit cus it distracted to many ppl lol *U r a very pretty gurl :) ily sexii* Me: hehe i know.... i just burned myself with a hot fork.... i burned a marshmallow cuz i love em like almost as much as i love u and im a fatty... but anyways i ate it all in one bite and my lips touched the fork..... :( U: AHAH AI TOTALLY TOUGHT I WAS THE ONLY DUMASS THA TDID THAT I LOVE U WE CAN TOTALLY RELATE LOL Me: i saw me like go down to places in ur top friends after u werent answering me so yea i ripped my heart out and threw it away but then i saw me go up to the second row and u answered me and said u trusted me so dont worry i...
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love u - ADRIANA I LOVE YOU!!!!!! Me: me U: u **: What...

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