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Michael GMS - The biggest situation in which I felt that...

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The biggest situation in which I felt that someone around me was being treated unfairly was with my friend Michael. He and his family had been living in the U.S. for around 17 years and worked hard to make a living. He and his older sister both were born in the U.S. and were therefore U.S. citizens. However, his parents did not have the privilege of being able to call themselves citizens. When we were in eighth grade Michael’s parents were reported to immigration authorities. The authorities came to his house and took them into custody. The situation was bad but his parents were allowed a hearing in court to try and fight to stay in the country. They explained how they had been there for a very long time and both of their kids had grown up their entire lives in the United States. They also explained the reason that they were in the United States was because they were running from a man in México who wanted to harm Michael’s mom and whatever family she may have. However, after all these
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