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Adrian Gil QuestBridge Finalist 1/1/2011 QuestBridge Finalist: Adrian Gil Many aspects of Northwestern University call my attention. The main qualities that make me want to go to the university are size, location, events, and academics. The combination of all of these factors make Northwestern a very appealing university. To start it off Northwestern is a pretty big school. This allows for a diverse population that has a wide range of personalities. It is possible to meet somebody new every day and therefore makes it harder to have a boring time. It also means that there are more people I can go to if I ever need help in my studies or in life. Because it is a big school Northwestern has a very resourceful library and therefore I will be able to find primary documents, books, and reports for the projects I will be doing. This also comes in handy when writing research papers. The fact that Northwestern is a big school means good resources and a lot of fun. Northwestern’s location is very important. Evanston is only a couple miles away from
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