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obesety (1) - Obesity Epidemic By Adrian Gil Obesity is a...

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Obesity Epidemic By Adrian Gil Obesity is a growing problem in the United States and I am tired of sitting by and just watching it happen without saying anything. It has come to my attention that a lot of people have been constantly criticizing others for their bad habits to the point where they are not scared to be rude, yet when it comes to obesity all of a sudden nobody wants to say anything. Obesity is bad. It is not okay to be obese. Just like other bad habits there are a lot of consequences to being obese that not only the person that is obese has to suffer through, but the people around them as well. Being obese can harm the obese person’s health, costs the U.S. a lot of money, and can harm those close to the obese person through second hand obesity. Obesity is usually the cause for a lot of horrible diseases like diabetes. Diabetes is a disease that causes people to lose their sense of touch and sight as they get older. Loss of sight is obviously undesirable and loss of touch can lead to many unwanted consequences. A lot of times people who have diabetes will injure
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