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1. Math and Science because I love them and learned early 2. History and English because there is no clear defined answer so I had to try even harder in them to get where I wanted to go. 3. When was I treated unfairly? 4. Goals: Short term: getting into college and finding a way to pay for it. Maintaining my grades, Sleeping more, becoming healthier, long term: becoming a toxicologist, med school, finding myself.
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Unformatted text preview: 5. Leader ship: Business manager or Assistant Teacher. 6. Community so Gilbert and Ecology. 7. Knowledge so museums, life cycle of an island, HIP, CURE, Cog Sci 8. 8. Be creative. Gilbert-Needed everything to be perfect-didn’t try in certain areas-Wanted to have attention-coudnt help but talk back-tested teachers to see how far he could go- Mom was a drug abuser-is now doing better....
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