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Poems - Adrian Gil February 6 2011 It's been so long The...

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Adrian Gil February 6, 2011 It’s been so long The music is so loud, It consumes me, The base reverberates in my ears. Can I take it? I don’t know. It’s been a while. The smell of sweat permeates the air. I look around and see flashing lights. There’s blue, like I’ve never seen it before. Followed by green, red, purple, yellow. All the colors I can think of surround me. Is anything else out there? I get up and walk around. The naked bodies of sweating teenagers rub up against mine. I slip by like a ghost, Can anyone see me? Am I still here? What is this I feel inside me? It’s the music, it has taken hold.
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Adrian Gil February 6, 2011 Everyone will see Meet me at the soccer field After the game The fans in the stands will be gone, The stadium lights will shine A spotlight for you and me. We can synchronize and work as a team Or we can fight it out. Whatever you wish, But I will get past your defense And I will score a goal As your lips meet mine And then you will see How foolish it was to try and fight it, And how much better it is When you and I are on the same team.
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