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Adrian Gil Mrs. Garcia Research 12 February 23 2011 Transportation Security Administration’s New Implementations Burden the United States The Transportation Security Administration is a government agency that is dedicated to ensuring the citizens of America travel safely. The TSA has recently implemented full-body x-ray scanners and enhanced pat-downs as a response to the still lingering terrorist threat. The problem is that people in America are being exposed to radiation from the scanners that have a high possibility of being hazardous. The government needs to stop implementing the backscatter x-ray scanners and enhanced pat-downs into airports. The scanners are hazardous to the health of
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Unformatted text preview: travelers; the scanners are too costly to the United States and are increasing the deficit; and the scanners are ineffective. Therefore, the scanners are a burden, and in the end, all they do is harm the citizens of the United States. If the government removes the scanners the deficit can decrease, and the people of America will be healthier. After all, because the scanners can easily be tricked, the government is really only spending money to have travelers exposed to dangerous radiation. It would be much better to simply remove the scanners and continue the traditional way of checking passengers boarding airplanes....
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