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Adrian Gil Patrick Ledden Honorary Scholarship “What have you learned from your experience at The Preuss School, UCSD that you feel will best benefit you in college?” Throughout my years at Preuss, I have learned many lessons. The lessons that will help me the most when I reach college is to stay organized, stay on top of my work, and stay calm. Preuss is a difficult school and involves taking eight classes in one semester. With such a high amount of classes, it is crucial to maintain organized. Early in high school I would constantly lose papers and have missing assignments because I simply lost my work. It was dumb of me to work hard to learn and not get credit for it simply because of my inability to keep track of things. I decided to change and organized my desk, backpack, and room. Now I know where all my stuff and can even work better because I do not feel like I am in a cluttered environment. Another aspect that comes with having eight classes is having a lot of homework and
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Unformatted text preview: projects due at the same time. Not until recently did I stop procrastinating and it has been one of the best things I could have done for myself. I had spent way too many sleepless nights doing homework and projects simply because I would push everything to the last possible day. The amount of work Preuss leaves let me realize this was not a smart thing to do and I now get my work done ahead of time. This is a skill will help a lot in college. Finally, the amount of classes and amount of work we have here at Preuss brings on a lot of stress. I have learned how to deal with this stress and simply remain calm. It is easier to think and get work done when I am not stressing about the amount of time left when doing an assignment or the amount of work I have. This skill will come in handy in college since it will allow for me to remain calm when writing papers or taking important tests. Preuss has taught me a lot....
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