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Reflection - throughout our years of high school It has...

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Adrian Gil Reflection A lot of what I learned from being on the other side of the desk is that most of the kids who have trouble in their classes just need extra motivation and help with staying on task. Ms. Boquiren allowed us to work with struggling kids outside and some of them just did not want to work because they did not want to go to college. Others just could not keep their attention on their work. However, they were just as smart as everyone else. Another thing that I learned was how underappreciated our teachers are. Ms. Boquiren puts up with a lot from her ninth grade kids and I’m sure the rest of the teachers do as well. It’s crazy how she is still nice to all of her students even after all the things they do in class. It is much more difficult than I imagined. I also learned that we as students retain A LOT of the information that we learn
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Unformatted text preview: throughout our years of high school. It has been three years since I took that class and I was still able to help the kids with their WWI and WWII projects. I knew details as well which just surprised me. An experience that really stands out to me is the multiple talks I had with Marquis. I was always trying to get him to behave and do his work but he was a wild one. He would always tell me okay and that he was going to stop but he would only stop for five minutes and then be back doing his thing. I was never really able to get him to work diligently but it was a very interesting experience. From this experience I can take away a closer relationship with Ms. Boquiren and a lot of new freshmen friends. However, I hope I am leaving more behind than I am taking away. I hope the kids will listen to the advice I gave them and follow my study tips....
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