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Gil 1 Adrian Gil Mrs. Garcia Research 12 March 1 2011 Transportation Security Administration’s New Implementations Burden the United States Imagine a government that takes the money made by the hard working citizens, and then places that money on a project that may very well harm the citizens. The United States government is doing this when implementing the Transportation Security Administration’s full body scanners and enhanced pat-downs. The new implementations were placed as a response to the still lingering terrorist threat in order to help the passengers of airplanes feel more secure. Many writers have often written about this topic and expressed their views on how useless the TSA agents are. Ariel Kaminer from the New York Times conducted her own experiments to determine how useful the Transportation Security Administration really is. Leon Kaufman concluded that the new scanners are highly hazardous machines. Researcher John Sedat from the University of California San Francisco sent a letter to the government explaining to them how the scanners may be highly hazardous. They all are trying to show that the scanners can cause many problems. The main problem is that the U.S. government is spending large quantities of money on the new methods of the Transportation Security Administration in airports which include backscatter x-ray scanners and enhanced pat-downs. The government is under the false pretense that it will make Americans flying on airlines safer if the new procedures are carried out. TSA agents will choose people out of security lines randomly and give them the option of an invasively thorough pat-down or a walk through a radioactive scanner. In reality, both the
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Gil 2 scanners and the pat downs are basically useless. To add on to that, the scanners can be detrimental to a person’s health, and the pat-downs will put people through high amounts of stress. Transportation Security Administration’s full body scanners and enhanced pat downs should be removed because they are possibly hazardous, incredibly costly, and do not even guarantee the safety of Americans. The scanners that the Transportation Security Administration uses work by shooting out backscatter x-rays which may be hazardous to anyone around them. After extensive research, John Sedat, professor of biochemistry with a Ph.D at UCSF, uncovered that backscatter x-rays could indeed be hazardous. “Unlike other scanners, these new devices operate at relatively low beam energies (28keV). The majority of their energy is delivered to the skin and the underlying tissue. Thus, while the dose would be safe if it were distributed throughout the volume of the entire body, the dose to the skin may be dangerously high” (Sedat and Holdren). This fact was completely ignored by the people who tested out the scanners for safety. They compare the strength of the scanners to the strength of the radiation people are exposed to by simply being on an airplane. However, the radiation of being on an airplane is evenly distributed to the entire
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Research Paper SD - Gil 1 Adrian Gil Mrs. Garcia Research...

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