research - Adrian Gil 6-22-2011 Research pt. 2 Describe the...

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Adrian Gil 6-22-2011 Research pt. 2 Describe the kind of impact you had in addressing the issue/problem. What results did you achieve? To describe the impact I had in addressing the issue, I feel like I need to talk about the issue first. What our group found as we were roaming downtown was that the neighborhood was not a safe place for children to be out on the streets. However, we did find a place where they congregate, and that was the downtown library’s children’s room. The kids that would visit the children’s room would spend most of their time, if not all, playing or working on the computers instead of actually reading the books that are there for them. We saw this and we wanted to get more of the kids to leave the computers alone and pick up an actual book. We noticed that the space behind the librarian was very plain and empty so we decided to make a mural the size of a classroom whiteboard to both decorate the place a little bit more and influence kids to grab a book and read. The mural depicted a little girl who was reading a book and a thought bubble appeared that covered the entire canvas. Inside the thought bubble there were many things that one would not normally see in real life. There was a castle, an enormous tree, a snitch, a rocket, a pokeball, a spaceship, an alien, and many more similar things. Unfortunately, we have not yet completed the project because we are yet to put up the mural in the library. It is now finished but still needs to be unveiled so I do not really know how successful we were in what we did but if all goes as planned there will be a big event today where we do unveil it to the kids. There were flyers passed out earlier in the week so I do expect there to be a sizeable crowd. Refreshments
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research - Adrian Gil 6-22-2011 Research pt. 2 Describe the...

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