Scholar chips - How do you personally define "success" and...

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How do you personally define "success" and what role does education play in aiding you to achieve it? Address those passions unique to you and describe what educational foundation is necessary to successfully marry these personal passions to professional endeavors. To many successes is defined by how much you have to show off to others. However, I feel like true success comes from the personal satisfaction of setting and accomplishing challenging goals. If looking back on your achievements, regardless of how glamorous or impressive they may seem you do not feel satisfied and happy then you have not succeeded. Genuine success does not come from taking shortcuts and finding the easy way out, it comes form the gratification of knowing you have worked your hardest to achieve and accomplish all of your goals. However, to achieve any type of success you need and education. Education is what gives us the option of success. It is what allows those who choose to take advantage of it to make the changes they desire to see in their lives. Through education is how we learn how to formulate
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Scholar chips - How do you personally define "success" and...

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