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sentences unit 8 - 12 Whenever she talks about her...

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1. The newspaper tabloid alleged that the movie star and the director were having creative differences. 2. In Shakespeare’s tragedy the audience sees clearly that Iago is an arrant scoundrel, Othello does not. 3. I enjoy the delightful badinage between starts like Spencer Tracy and Katherine Hepburn. 4. Because of the weakness of our army, we had to try and conciliate the enemy. 5. Today’s directive countermanded all previous instructions on how to exit a building if there’s a fire. 6. Although the civil servant began low in the echelon of government service, he rose quickly. 7. Shouting and name calling are sure to exacerbate any quarrel. 8. In order to discredit the candidate, the columnist quoted some of his more fatuous remarks. 9. The jury felt that the prosecution presented them with irrefutable evidence of the defendant’s guilt. 10. Any population that has experience the juggernaut of war will not be soon to forget it. 11. The team’s performance in the last quarter was lackadaisical because they were so far ahead.
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Unformatted text preview: 12. Whenever she talks about her childhood, she recites an interminable litany of grievances. 13. The continuing popularity of horror movies suggests that one way to score at the box office is to exploit the macabre. 14. The senate campaign was marred by a paucity of original ideas. 15. In Shakespeare’s plays, disturbances in the heavens usually portend disaster or trouble. 16. The town razed the old schoolhouse to make room for a more modern education complex. 17. On the stand, the defendant recanted the guilty confession she had made in her confession to the police. 18. A sponge that is saturated with water swells up but does not drip. 19. Ebenezer Scrooge, the main character of Dickens’s A Christmas Carol, has a decidedly saturnine temperament. 20. At New Year’s time, many people resolved to slough off bad habits and start living better lives....
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