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Service Learning Final - Adrian Gil Block 3 Service...

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Block 3 Service Learning Final I. The need that I have identified in this community is to make it a much safer environment than what it is right now. The information we are given tells us that there are dangerous gangs running around the neighborhood and many “latchkey” kids who are unsupervised. This allows them to wander off into the streets and eventually as they get older to end up joining the gangs that already torment the neighborhood. So in order to provide this community with a safer environment, we must cut the numbers of kids who will join the gangs when they get older by preoccupying them with something else and watching over them while their parents are at work. II. The people that we will be serving is in a way the parents of the kids that have no one to watch them afterschool because we will basically be babysitting them for free and at the same time providing them with free tutoring so that they can get ahead in their educational career. However, we will also be serving everyone else in that neighborhood since we will decrease the game members on the street making it a safer place to live at, and we will be helping the kids themselves out by providing them with better opportunities to have a successful career and a successful life. III. The project that I would carry out would probably involve helping to set up a six-to-six program at the local elementary school so that the kids can be under supervision for longer time. I know that some of the kid’s parents do not get out of work until 8 o’clock, but having the kids
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Service Learning Final - Adrian Gil Block 3 Service...

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