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Service Learning interview - Service Learning Older...

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5/24/2011 Service Learning: Older Idealism Students Name: Adrian Gil Name of adult: Ricardo Gil (Brother) Occupation: Sales/student Q: Who has the greatest influence on your beliefs, values, and ideas about how you have wanted to live your life? How did this person influence you or what did you learn from him/her? A: Ueli Steck. What I learned from him is that you got to always push yourself and try your hardest. Just because you did something at a certain level doesn’t meant that’s the best you can do it. You can always do better than you did before you just have to push yourself and be determined. For example when he broke the record of climbing the Eiger in about three hours he shattered the old record yet he told himself just because he broke the record it didn’t mean that was the limit so he went again and did it in around two and a half hours after a year of training. So it taught me not to settle and always push for more. Q: What have you read that has influence your thinking in some way, and how has it influenced you? A: The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins. It just basically reinforced my beliefs that there is no God. It also shows how simply people can be tricked and how you should always doubt. People need to learn not to take as fact everything people tell them. I guess it just taught me how to be a much more rational person, to be more tolerant, and to be more open. It has made me very anti- religious because I see that a lot of the problems in the world arise because of separation and how people classify themselves, and religion is one of the main things that people classify themselves into. Q: What advice would you give me to help me in my future?
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Service Learning interview - Service Learning Older...

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