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SMART Goals - Attainable I will most likely split parking...

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Adrian Gil 5-27-2011 SMART Goals #1 “Making $75 for prom” Specific: I want to go to my school prom on June 18 th and buy the little flower bracelet thing as well. Measurable: I will need $40 for prom and like $35 for the little flower thing. Attainable: That’s all the money I will need, but I will have to look into how expensive renting the tux will be later. Realistic: I will try finding odd jobs around the house to do for my parents so that they can give me money and also look outside of my household to babysit or do anything that will bring money in. Timebound: I need to do this as soon as possible because prom is on the 18 th . #2 “I want to make $35 by June 4 th to go to Revenge of the Nerds!!!” Specific: I want to go to revenge of the nerds on June fourth. Measureable: I will need $20 for the entrance fee, $7 for parking, and then money for spending.
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Unformatted text preview: Attainable: I will most likely split parking with whoever goes with us. And then I will make the others pay for my gas. Realistic: I have enough money as it is right now so I’m probably just going to tap into my banking account. Timebound: I need it by June 4 th . #3 “I want to pay off my college loans for the first year by the end of the first year.” Specific: I want to have no debt carry on over the years. I want to pay the loans off as they come. Measureable: I will need to accumulate $5,000 dollars. Attainable: I will need to look for a job at USC that I can do to try and pay off the loans and have left over spending money. Realistic: I will save 50% of my paychecks if not more so that I can pay them off and start new every year. Timebound: I simply want to pay it off by the start of my sophomores school year....
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