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Complexity issue

Complexity issue - Income Tax Act is written and presented...

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THE COMPLEXITY ISSUE * Fundamental aspects of taxation are often ignored at the time of decision-making by members of management because they perceive that Canadian tax laws are extremely complex * Tax issues are often delegated to professional advisors outside of organization who have strong technical knowledge but are not in tune with the strategic-making process of the particular organization and who do not have a direct line with functional managers
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Unformatted text preview: * Income Tax Act is written and presented in a complex manner; however, its fundamental structure and concepts are not complex and are not beyond the comprehension of responsible managers * 2/3 of the Income Tax Act deals with special areas/exceptions and items that do not regularly effect business decisions * 1/3 has a logical ±ow and a close-knit structure that includes a limited number of variables that have an impact on business decisions...
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