Controlled Expenses

Controlled Expenses - documentation of past decisions within departments and follow with a report on how to improve the process providing expanded

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Controlled Expenses * Tax cost to a business enterprise must be regarded as an expense of doing business similar to other relevant costs * Tax cost must be looked on as controllable and therefore must be analyzed in order to determine which actions or activities have a greater or lesser impact on the resulting cost * Tax cost must be included on the F/S as an expense "above the bottom line" o from time to time, complete a tax decision audit by reviewing internal
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Unformatted text preview: documentation of past decisions within departments, and follow with a report on how to improve the process, providing expanded info where relevant * Involving the independent tax advisor in the development of a decision-making approach to taxation will permanently open direct lines of communication with decision makers and will allow the tax factor to be given timely consideration...
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