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Individuals * The concept of "residency" is virtually undeFned in the Income Tax Act * Past court decision provide a common-law deFnition, although not speciFc * Residency does not o refer to one's domicile; that is, one is not considered a resident of Canada simply by virtue of being present at ta particular address o mean citizenship; individuals who are not citizens can be resident, while individuals who are citizens can be non-resident * United States uses citizenship as the primary basis for taxing individuals * To be a resident (full-time) of Canada, an individual must maintain a
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Unformatted text preview: "continuing state of relationship" with the country * A number of factors the courts have concluded must be considered when determining residency: o the amount of time spent in Canada on a regular basis; o the motives for being present or absent; o the maintenance of a dwelling place in Canada while away, and its accessibility; o the origin and background of the individual; o the general mode and routine of the individual's life; and o the existence of social and Fnancial connections with Canada...
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