A Letter to Self - which is similar to the GRE. Although...

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Brian Fox September 13, 2010 HLT100 Haley Peebles A Letter to Self Dear Brian, Being a veterinarian is your aspiration. You will be unique because you will forge relationships with pet owners, and offer them useful advice. This might encourage pet owners to return to your services. School may seem difficult, but it is a challenge you will overcome. If you feel like quitting, remember you have accomplished so much in the past so keep striving for your goal. The public speaking class taught you to be a calmer speaker. Although your friends got a C in calculus taught by the same professor, you earned a B. If you feel overwhelmed, just view your studies as a day-by-day process. Thinking positively and having confidence will help you achieve your career. In the future you need to take the GRE. You have already experienced taking the SAT,
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Unformatted text preview: which is similar to the GRE. Although the SAT was a lengthy and intimidating test, you were able to get a sufficient score. To achieve a higher score, you need to prepare more for the GRE than you did for the SAT. With that in mind and with more practice, you will do well on the GRE. Although entrance to veterinary school is competitive, you can be admitted if you practice public speaking so the interview goes well. Work now and you will be able to enjoy yourself in the future. Hard work is the only way. 1 Your desire to be a veterinarian results from your care for animals. This began with Sammy who began appearing at your childhood home. He has influenced you to take on this challenge because you want to ensure the wellness of pets. 2...
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A Letter to Self - which is similar to the GRE. Although...

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