CLC Allied Health - Challenges and Consequences...

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Challenges and Consequences Communication problems, conflict, stress, and leader faults present challenges to the team. These challenges can have consequences if the appropriate actions are not taken. Communication problems contribute to poor outcomes. One of these problems is the inability to convey one’s intentions. Because the task at hand can serve as a distraction, a lab technician might not properly hear what has been said. A study found that vague communication, non-routine tasks, and scattered responsibilities broke down the trauma center. According to Wilson, “communication errors were the leading cause and were associated with twice as many deaths as clinical inadequacy” (Nemeth, 2008) In the workplace, conflict is not only unavoidable, but it should be seen as necessary and desired. Creative ideas and problem-solving could result from conflict. Team members may have more trust and understanding of one another when conflict is resolved ( 4 interdisciplinary , n.d.). Conflicts may arise from inadequate communication, group members who do less work than
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CLC Allied Health - Challenges and Consequences...

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