MSP430_Microcontroller_Basics_Chapter 3.3

MSP430_Microcontroller_Basics_Chapter 3.3 - Development...

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Development 55 future of programming, but my impression is that the reception has been fairly cool. Maybe this is just conservatism or perhaps more development is needed. I had little success with this approach but put it down to lack of experience. 3.3 Assembly Language Not many years ago, small microcontrollers were usually programmed in assembly language. There are a few cases, notably interrupt service routines, where it may still be worthwhile to use assembly for its efFciency. A few operations cannot be represented directly in C and may therefore be much faster in assembly, including bitwise rotations, binary-coded-decimal arithmetic and detailed manipulation of registers. On the other hand, most C compilers offer intrinsic functions for these operations. There are many good reasons for avoiding assembly language. It is speciFc to a processor or at least to a family and therefore lacks portability. A complete program needs directives to the assembler, as in C, and these often vary between vendors’ assemblers for the same device. Variables are just bytes or words and have no type, so it is up to the programmer to keep track of the signiFcance of the value: Is an integer signed or unsigned, for instance? You must Fnd a routine in a library or write your own to handle anything that goes beyond the instruction set of the processor, such as arithmetic with long integers. The assembler itself converts the mnemonics of assembly language directly into machine code and calculates a few addresses but that is about all—nothing like a compiler.
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MSP430_Microcontroller_Basics_Chapter 3.3 - Development...

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