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C Naming

C Naming - Prefix Type Usage Example b BYTE Signed 8-bit...

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Unformatted text preview: Prefix Type Usage Example b BYTE Signed 8-bit value bValue c char Signed 8-bit value (usually an ASCII character) cValue l long Signed 32-bit value lValue n int Signed 16-bit value nSize p U16 : pointer Generic prefix for a pointer to the next type pnFoo w U16 : WORD Unsigned 16-bit value wCnt dw U32 : DWORD Unsigned 32-bit value dwValue f boolean Boolean TRUE or FALSE bBusy fn function Prefix to function name fnGetString fp float, double Floating point fpPrice t structure User-defined C structure. pt points to structure instance. ptRECORD g global Global variable gCnt u U8 : unsigned char Unsigned 8-bit value uCnt • a through f - floating point values • g and h - haven't used those much • i through k - indices • l - looks too much like "1" • m and n - counts • o - looks too much like "0" • p through s - pointers • t - temporary of appropriate type • u through z - integer or float as needed (usually in graphics code) There are a few single letter variable names with well understood meanings across a wide variety of...
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