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How to Change Clock Speed

How to Change Clock Speed - How to Change Clock Speed The...

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How to Change Clock Speed... The MSP430 addresses the conflicting demands for high performance, low power, and a precise frequency by using three internal clocks, which can be derived from up to four sources. These are the internal clocks, which are the same in all devices: Master clock, MCLK, is used by the CPU and a few peripherals. Subsystem master clock, SMCLK, is distributed to peripherals. Auxiliary clock, ACLK, is also distributed to peripherals. Typically SMCLK runs at the same frequency as MCLK, both in the megahertz range. ACLK is often derived from a watch crystal and therefore runs at a much lower frequency. Most peripherals can select their clock from either SMCLK or ACLK. For the MSP430 processor, both the MCLK and SMCLK clocks are supplied by an internal digitally controlled oscillator (DCO), which runs at about 1.1 MHz in the MSP430F2xx family. A simplified view of the MSP430F2274 is: One of the aims of the original MSP430 design was that it should be able to start rapidly at full speed from a low-power mode, without waiting a long time
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for the clock to settle. The MSP430F2xx family can start the DCO in 1
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