How To Change The Processor Clock

How To Change The Processor Clock - CALDCO_16MHZ = 0x10F8;...

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How To Change The Processor Clock. .. The MSP430 was designed to power-up quickly from low-power mode without having to wait a long time for the clock to settle. The Digitally Controlled Oscillator (DCO) of the MSP430F2274 is an accurate and stable clock that becomes active from low-power mode in in 1-2us, without any erratic pulses. The frequency of the DCO is accurate to 1-2% and can be controlled by setting bits in the module's BCSCTL1 and DC0CTL registers. The MSP430 has calibrated frequencies of 1, 8, 12, and 16 MHz as follows:
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Unformatted text preview: CALDCO_16MHZ = 0x10F8; CALBC1_16MHZ = 0x10F9; CALDCO_12MHZ = 0x10FA; CALBC1_12MHZ = 0x10FB; CALDCO_8MHZ = 0x10FC; CALBC1_8MHZ = 0x10FD; CALDCO_1MHZ = 0x10FE; CALBC1_1MHZ = 0x10FF; Thus, to change the speed of the MSP430, set the selected speed values in the BCSCTL1 and DC0CTL registers: ; MSP430 Clock - Set DCO to 12 MHz: mov.b &CALBC1_12MHZ,&BCSCTL1 ; Set range mov.b &CALDCO_12MHZ,&DCOCTL ; Set DCO step + modulation See MMB pages 167-170....
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